Your Deading Two

You are the master of your mind. By discipline and practicing ‘Nirvana’ assert your mastery. Feel the Power, bliss and splendor that result from perfect self conquest.

Curb the mind ruthlessly.Annihilate desire. When desire dies mind is your slave. Become desire-less and be victorious.

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Your Heading

Our education system does not teach us how to live well, it only teaches how to earn well that does not ultimately help living well. What is the use of such education that does not teach us to live well?

Out education system does not have a place for emotion. It does not teach us to experience our emotions, joy, gratitude tears.

Most of us are unaware of living a happy life. We really do not know what life is? How to enjoy it?

Don’t you think that there is something terribly wrong with our education system that does not deal with our conscious and subconscious mind. Mind? Foo in our education.

Existential spiritual energy can only be transferred when one transcend time and space.

Once you live with the present only and seriously, you are outside of space and time. It will not then make a difference whether you are young or old. You will keep on enjoying life then.

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