About Sunil

Many a people envy me for my simplicity. Many a people misunderstand my simplicity as an act to show off. But most of them have one thing in common; they all love me for what I am; same person from both inside and outside.

I was born in Tangail, Bangladesh, a sleepy town that had musical tune in the name itself, where there used to have music in the air, full of trees, birds, canal right through the middle of the town, river in the out skirt, park, poetry and culture. The town itself used to be a huge canvas with a landscape by Monet (Claude), a landscape Artist from Paris.

When I was in class VI, a young poet of Tangail, who we were very close with, died. A few of my seniors were preparing themselves for reciting their own poetry at the condolence meeting at the school. On seeing them practicing, I wrote one after coming home and recited the next day at the school.

bsk12 A few months later, a short story of mine published in ‘Sangbad’, second most circulated news paper in Bangladesh. Quite a few of my short stories, poems kept on publishing almost regularly on different papers and magazines including ‘Ittefaq’, the most circulated news paper in Bangladesh, ‘Begum’ , the women’s weekly magazine(by the name of ‘Neelu Basak’) until I left school and left for India.

When in Engineering College (MNIT, Jaipur), I drew a sketch of our then Principal, L. K. Advani, playing cricket that was printed in the College Magazine. The very same picture was reprinted in the cover page of the College Magazine on its Golden Jubilee year when an all India tournament in the name of the principal were held at MNIT, Jaipur.

At IIT, Kanpur, where I did my post graduation in engineering from, gave me freedom of doing what I always wanted to do. I took out a hand written magazine, written and directed a drama, started doing collages, painting, photography, became a member of Leo (Junior Lion’s Club) to do a little bit of social activities including bringing theatre group from NSD (National School of Drama, New Delhi), Badal Sarkar’s troupe from Kolkata to be staged at IIT. Profit out of the same was distributed to the children of Lesser God.

I took part in ‘All India Painting Competition’ and got second prize. Hold an Exhibition of paintings at IIT, Kanpur jointly with a friend.

I entered into service life as an Engineer when freedom of doing things that gave me most pleasure, started fading out and finally got out of my activities.

I sat idle for quite some time not knowing what to do when my friends from IIT particularly Saswati (Prof. Lahiri), Asit ( Basu), Shyamal (Roy), Partha (Chattopadhyay) and my sister, Rita (Ghosh) and her daughter Rim (Prerona Nayak)insisted that I start doing what I used to love doing earlier –collages and paintings. I did.

Thereafter, I did take part in exhibition jointly with others at Academy of Fine Art, and at G.C. Laha Art Gallery, quite a number of times.

bsk10 My greatest critic is my wife Rakhi who is never happy with whatever I do, she wants better result from me that almost always difficult for me to deliver but still kept me tolerating till date and my children who are always liberal with me are Pooja and Gogol and all other members of our huge ‘Basak Bari’ joint family particularly Joy(Bhasakar) , Chaiti, Smita, Biju (Satyaki), Guddu (Debnil), Toto (Pratik), Titlee (Priyanka), Sourav (Sinha), Baro boudi, mejo-boudi, Bharati, Rina, without whom I could not have even thought of having a beautiful life that I am enjoying now to live.

The list will go never ending because everyone I know wants to help me out in every way possible for reasons unknown to me or probably as i said, they all love me.

Mira, Subrata, Siddartha, Tanya (Ghosh) Maya, Raj Kumar, Dodo(Ankur), Dona(Ankita), Chiku(Medha) gave me love and courage, unconditional and unlimited particularly when i needed most.

Subhas and Prasenjit(Bera) gave me a small place in their heart to breathe in fresh air required for healthy living. My thanks to Pradeepji (Agarwala) who in cool brain guided me every way possible to grow professionally.

I couldn’t have had a good physical health if I didn’t get perennial inflow of LOVE along with multi minerals and multi vitamins nutrients that are being sent from united States regularly since last 30 years almost by Rima, Amit, Ria, Rishi (Banerjee). I am overwhelmed by occasional love from Keya and Kaushik(Guha Roy) and all time care by OMA.

Last but not the least, let me thank ‘AUM’, my grand son who at the age of around 4, made me realize the effect of the color in the mind of a person and almost compelled me to take up brush and color to proof it to myself.